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With January swiftly approaching, people want to start fresh for the New Year. Its time to clean and renew all aspects of your home! Maybe there's a new sofa you want for the living room, or that empty wall waiting patiently to be filled with a piece of artwork, or that tufted headboard you have had your eye on for your bedroom. But what if what you have is fine and "works", but you just no longer like it. You want something new…
In this day and age, trends have shown people are constantly redecorating - and not because they necessarily "need" anything, but just because they want a change. So what should we do with those items that are just lightly used, but still in good shape. Do we throw them out, give them away, put them in the basement, garage… or can we pull the value out of them to buy something NEW.
What if… whats old to you - can be new to someone else? 
All items can be found at, located in Seaford NY.
This year, A Charmed Life at Home, is supporting "rescuing" all your used home items - from wall decor, mirrors, furniture, lighting, accessories, and window treatments - and helping them find a new home. We are not only decorating and selling new items to turn your house into a home, but you will have no remorse giving up those items you no longer want - knowing your used home goods will become someone else's treasure, and you'll make money doing it!
IT'S EASY… simply email us photos of anything you want to sell, what you want for it, and all dimensions and important features. We will Photoshop it, and upload it onto our new section on the website, and when it sells, we will handle all packaging, assembly, and shipping. No need to have strangers in your house, our qualified A Charmed Life Team have you covered!
Written by Jessica Rosner, Owner